1. overhead, over one's head, on a higher place, at a higher place, in a higher place; atop, at the top, on the top; aloft, high up, up in the air or sky, far above the ground; skyward or skywards, toward the sky; in or to heaven, on high, in the firmament, in the celestial heights.
2. superior, upper, higher in rank or authority greater, mightier, more powerful; more elevated, loftier.
3. more, greater, larger, higher in quantity or number; more abundant, in excess, excessive, over and above, above and beyond.
4. before, earlier, foregoing, preceding, precedent; antecedent, prevenient, prior, anterior; aforementioned, aforesaid, aforestated, above-mentioned, above-stated; previously, formerly, in a former part.
5. atop of, on top of, aloft of, in a higher place than, to a higher place than, at a higher place than; over, on, upon, reaching higher than.
6. in excess of, exceeding, in surplus of, over and above, above and beyond; more than, greater than, larger than.
7. beyond, surpassing, exceeding, transcending, overpassing, superior in rank or standing to; higher in authority to, more elevated than, loftier than, greater than, mightier than, more powerful than.
8. not subject to, not liable to, not exposed to, not put through, not submitted to; not vulnerable to, not susceptible to, not in danger of; not open to, not amenable to, not willing to, not agreeable to; not capable of, not able to.
9. averse, opposed to, in opposition to, contrary to, counter to; against, versus, resistant to; disinclined to, unwilling to, reluctant to, loath to.
10. rather than, in preference to, in favor of.
11. north of, north from, northward of, northward from; toward the north; northwards, northerly, northwardly.
12. above all
first and foremost, in the first place, most important of all, before anything else, before anything; principally, chiefly, paramountly, supremely, pre-eminently; especially, particularly, peculiarly, expressly; mainly, primarily, essentially, mostly, predominantly.
13. written above, above-mentioned, above-stated, aforesaid, aforementioned, aforestated; aforenamed, aforegiven, aforecited; already stated, previously described, described above, indicated earlier, previously indicated or specified; earlier, foregoing, preceding, precedent, former; antecedent, previous, prevenient, prior, anterior.
14. above-written, above-mentioned, above-stated, aforesaid, aforementioned, aforestated; aforenamed, aforecited, aforegiven.
15. heaven, firmament, sky, space, infinity; celestial expanse, the vault of heaven, the canopy of heaven; abode of God and angels, our Father's house, Abraham's bosom, heavenly kingdom, heavenly city; next world, world beyond the grave, happy hunting grounds, paradise.

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